Launch your tech career with OAK’S LAB Academy.
About Academy

OAK'S LAB Academy is a leading-edge US educational institution. We train young talent to take their place in the tech industry regardless of their background or previous education. Short, fast-paced study in live experiential learning labs. We build your profile with real industry experience and connect you with strong companies for career acceleration. We shape thought leaders.

Personal Development
Grow your character into an impactful leader in your chosen discipline.
Real World Experience
Learn by doing. We will engage you on real projects that spur your growth.
Form lifetime bonds with a community of international like-minded peers.
Start your career in attractive organizations across exciting industries.
Select Your Course

Our courses are taught with a balanced approach of cutting edge technology, attention to detail, enhanced communication and continuous evolution. Through experiential learning and community lifestyle we teach the core values of dedication, ambition, perfection and mutual respect.

Based in Prague

Prague is surreal and fantastical. Its Bohemian underground environment is ideal for the young professional. Prague is the opposite of cutthroat, corporate pressure yet stimulating. It is a borderline, youthful, alive setting within a cutting-edge tech hub.

OLA headquarters in Prague provide a safe haven, surrounded by an avant-garde, intelligent population. Here, our students get educated in OLA's laboratory and when they are ready, choose their path.

Our Partners

We have partnered up with the best to facilitate a proactive and on-going ex-missions program. Upon building your business profile and coaching you to ace interviews, we kick off your career in vetted tech companies.